HitPay's first virtual hackathon

June 5th - July 5th 2024

This hackathon is exclusively for developers based in Southeast Asia. Submissions from developers in other regions will not be accepted.

Your mission:
Lower transaction fees by using HitPay’s API with AI or blockchain.


THE IMPOSSIBLE is HitPay’s first ever hackathon. We’re bringing developers across Southeast Asia together to merge technologies previously thought impossible, on a mission to drive down transaction fees.

Why participate?

  • Access an incredibly supportive community to help you leverage HitPay, AI and blockchain APIs.
  • Connect with like-minded developers and industry experts.
  • Enhance your skills with hands-on experience.
  • Compete for over $5,000 SGD in prizes as you showcase your work.

How do I get started?

Register now and submit your project through discord.

Join the dedicated HitPay Discord server to find a team, get the latest announcements, and brainstorm project ideas.

To learn about HitPay, explore the developer page for the most up-to-date resources.


S$ 1,500
S$ 3,000
S$ 500

If the winning project(s) doesn't follow our mission to 'lower transaction fees,' the winner will still receive 1,000 SGD, with 750 SGD for second place and 250 SGD for third place. Find more details in the “Prizes” section. Conditions and requirements are detailed in the prizes section.


Registration period
June 5th - June 20th
Final winners announced
July 12th