Introducing PayNow QR for Simple Merchant Collections

PayNow adoption in Singapore is on a upward curve with more than $28m in transaction volume processed in over 2 years since launch. With minimal transaction fees associated with PayNow acceptance, it is understandable why PayNow is a popular mode of payment acceptance in Singapore, given small businesses typically operate their businesses on thin margins.

HitPay’s mission is to empower small businesses and we are pleased to introduce PayNow and DBS PayLah! acceptance on HitPay POS app available on iOS and Android.


Existing PayNow acceptance apps provided by banks do not allow merchants to get detailed insights on product sales and easy access to reconciliation reports. Benefits of HitPay POS for PayNow acceptance include:

  1. Real Time Collection

  2. Insights on Product Sales

  3. Export Reconciliation Reports

  4. Consolidated view of sales across locations

Click here to learn how to setup PayNow on HitPay POS

Team HitPaypaynow, DBS Paylah!