Effective Omni-channel and 'Phygital' Strategies for Small Business

The secret to a long-lasting relationship between a brand and the customer lies in the ability of the brand to engage the customer at different touch points (Offline Retail and Online). Delivering a ‘phygital’ or a true omni-channel experience typically involved large budgets and collaboration between multiple parties.


However we at HitPay aim to remove the complexities associated with omni-channel selling and make it easily accessible for small businesses. Below are the steps that you can take to deliver an omni-channel experience:

Step 1

Login to the HitPay Web Dashboard and setup your HitPay store by creating products. Products created on HitPay are immediately created with an online web checkout link and also seamlessly synced to the HitPay POS app for offline store sales.

Tip: Add shipping settings and pick up location for all your products by navigating to Account > Store Settings on the top right hand corner

Step 2

At your offline store or pop up, attach a QR code tag linked to the HitPay web checkout link for every product merchandise displayed. You can use an online QR code generator to convert web links to QR code

Download HitPay POS app and use HitPay POS App for accepting and recording payments in store or at your pop-up.

Tip : Ensure you use the email receipt function from the HitPay POS app to send receipts to your customer post each sale. This allows you to target your customers with email campaigns and promotions

Contact us at support@hit-pay.com to find out more on how we can help with omni-channel activations for your business

Team HitPay